School President

I am pleased to meet you and have the opportunity to introduce GREEN FIELDS INTEGRATED SCHOOL OF LAGUNA (GFIS) which offers an elite education and learning approach that encourage students to be value-oriented, creative and to think independently. We are glad you’re here. 

As we welcome this year with much anticipation towards realizing another period of discovery, adventure, growth, and learning, please remember that our main objective is to provide a rich and inspiring academic environment that will develop holistic and intellectual excellence that will equip you, our students, with knowledge, skills and moral values to prepare each of you in this competitive, productive and innovative society that we live in. Our aim is to also provide an educational environment that is used and recognized here and abroad. 

I encourage you to take full advantage of all learning venues you will be engaged in. Your teachers and school administrators are truly one with you in your pursuit to make great sense of your young lives. We will try our best to train you and hone your potentials and skills to become among the best front-runners in the world.    

God bless us all.
Kirstein DS. Dioko