Formal Education Department

Green Fields International School core curriculum emphasizes on Howard Gardner’s eight (8) multiple Intelligences, such as Bodily-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Naturalistic, Intrapersonal, Visual-Spatial, and Musical. Supplementing the core curriculum are electives in computer, foreign language, arts and crafts, painting and sketching, and sports education and also following the Bloom’s taxonomy of Education.  In addition, the School also has extra- curricular programs such as Theater Arts Club (Dancing, Acting and Singing) and the Music Club (Piano, Guitar, Cello, Flute and specialization in native Filipino and native Korean instruments).  All students encountering difficulties are enrolled in the School’s Language program, enhancing the School’s aim to provide quality language training especially for foreign students.

Young, competent and artistic faculty members are licensed and recognized in their field of profession. Their commitment to excellence is evident in active professional careers enhanced by strong academic preparations. The orientation of faculty members is based on understanding the characteristic Greenian academic culture, the culture of inquiry and discovery through forward-looking research. The aim of the School community is to be a producer of tomorrow’s citizen.

Their activities include student consultation, academic advising, determination of course requirements, participation in councils/committees/boards that program, plan and implement curricular and co-curricular activities, and researches that address the requirements in their disciplines and the development of concerns of Philippine society.

Permanent faculty members have proven themselves of possessing values and attitude reflecting the School Mission – Vision Statement, which includes sense of cooperativeness and responsibility.

The Formal School Department offers the Nursery, Kinder, Preparatory, Elementary and Secondary Level.